Saturday, August 7, 2010

Management for Women- A Program For Potential Women Entrepreneurs Article Summary: Management for Women is a program run by most of the top B-Schools, for encouraging women entrepreneurship. Many popular business schools have commenced Management program for women. It is not possible for every one to establish one’s own business and run successfully, especially if business is set up by a woman. Top Business Schools in India have started management programs with an aim to enable women in fulfilling their dreams. And, the good part is that some institutes are not charging any fee for this program.Recently, Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad ( has introduced management program for women, who run their own businesses. The course is approved by Goldman Sachs, USA. Mr. Deepak Chandra, Director of ISB, said, “The purpose of the course is to empower women. We focus on helping budding entrepreneurs with their projects.” This program provides fundamental information about aspects such as setting up of businesses & other related issues. There is no fee being charged for this program. This program is useful for women, who are not economically sound and who do not have money for pursuing management programs.Ms. Jayanti Verma, one of the successful students, who is now the Director of Retail Interface Pvt. Ltd, said that earlier she did not know anything about the management and marketing. But after pursuing management program, she is able to understand the marketing techniques and now she is running her business successfully. She said, “The course turned out to be an eye-opener for me.”Management program is conducted in four phases, and until now 180 students have been trained through this program. Candidates, who want to pursue this program should have a graduate degree and they will have to clear the personal interview round also.ISB has recently launched management program for women, whereas IIM-Bangalore has been offering same program since long time. IIM-Bangalore (IIM-B) offers six weeks certificate program. This certificate program is offered by N.S. Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning ( This program has been designed to encourage and empower women to become entrepreneurs by establishing their own identities in the business field. Mostly students want to start the training process when the course gets completed. The trainers guide the students to come up with their own business ideas. When a student’s business plan gets approved, the centre provides practical experience and helps the student to enroll for her business.

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