Friday, October 29, 2010

Choosing between USA and India for higher education

Keeping in mind the broader perspective and present education scenario, more and more students as well as parents are evincing interest in venturing out to foreign lands in order to acquire highly specialized level of education.

Today, connecting with the world is becoming unbelievably easy and quick, be it through the communication or through transport. Hence, if today’s young generation gets an opportunity to study abroad; it could definitely be worth a try.

For students contemplating study abroad option against study in India option, increasing number of Indian students are preferring foreign universities as it provides them a good opportunity to explore the world and learn about new cultures. According to Vivek Merchant who has recently completed a Masters in management in information system, Edith Cowon University, Perth, Australia is of the opinion that “A study abroad gives the opportunity to interact with different cultures and experience a different lifestyle. I definitely would not have experienced a lifestyle such as this, if I was studying in India till date.” According to Vivek, a Study Abroad experience opens up new vistas and avenues along with giving new avenues to mix and interact with people of various cultures and countries.

Study in India is also up to the mark but by studying abroad you are educating yourself and also benefitting from overall personality development as you acquaint and adjust yourself with a new society and a new peer group. Studying abroad does give you a wholesome experience to new cultures, life patterns and even work experience. Suraj Thyagarajan Paramasivam from Chennai who opted to study MS in computer science and engineering at SUNY University, Buffalo advises aspiring students to be ready to face anything and be ready to work hard. He also adds that everything has to be done by oneself in US and thereby they will become a good manager or a multi-tasker if they go abroad for higher studies. Suraj had taken education loan from the specialist education loan lender called Credila Financial Services, after trying in vain to get education loans from many other banks. He said, “Credila is more of a human organization who understood the needs of the students”.

Well, study in India has become pretty routine and methodical, while study abroad emphasis on your overall development and personality growth which again depends entirely upon your initiatives and efforts. Studying in India would primarily mean concentrating entirely on studies mostly through books and exams along with routine practical study based entirely on the curriculum. On the other hand, study abroad gives you the opportunity to explore and go further in depth to subjects which interest you the most. Krishnan Lakshminarayanan who has completed Masters in Chemical Engineering (MS) from Oklahoma State University expressed his views on study abroad by stating that his study experience was very different. He also added by saying that “It is more rigorous than India in a way since they take Homework and exams more seriously than we do. Also the marking scheme is GPA (Grade Point Average) which means that even if you have a good score but your ranking in the class is bad then the GPA goes low. This affects the career in turn.”


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