Thursday, October 4, 2012

The entire processing was done in time and efficiently

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity. "I am extremely happy by the professionalism shown by all Credila associates I worked with during the whole tenure of loan processing. They have been extremely helpful, co-operative and committed entire time. Initially there were two major reasons for choosing Credila over others. Firstly because my father and I work in different states, yet the whole process was managed such that none of us had to travel even once, not even to Credila office. Each and every step in the loan processing was effectively managed over the phone itself. Secondly the amount sanctioned without collateral is higher than other banks and it directly fitted into my bucket. The entire processing was done in time and efficiently. My parents and myself are very satisfied by service provided by Credila for my Education loan."
Rohit K., Mumbai, 2012-13
S. P. Jain Center of Management, UAE

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