Friday, May 20, 2011

How should one choose a country for higher education

A person who suffers from asthma cannot live in Alaska and someone with acute skin allergies should think twicebefore choosing a country which has too much sunlight. Having said that, the choice is purely personal and isdependent on the individual’s choice, options and background.We suggest that the choice should only be based on one factor, i.e., which is the course the student wants to studyand in which university is this offered. If there are multiple universities offering the same course, the second line of choice should be based on optional courses, i.e, which university offers the optional courses that thestudent likes to study.Once this decision, is made, there needs to be an alignment between the student’s academic background and the selection processes of the short listed universities. If this is on par, the student should evaluate the course material as well as the university’s facilities and campus to see how comfortable he or she will feel there.Another way to choose could be based on the presence of friends or relatives as (a) these people could do some preliminary research on the university and (b) help the student to settle down. Also these people will be a point of contact for the student. This can be a comfort factor for parents who are worried that their child abroad has no one to contact in case of an emergency.Once the course and the universities are decided, the budget factor will now play a role to ensure that thestudent’s budget matches the universities fees. If this is also okayed, then the student can begin the actualprocess of seeking admission. Thus, the parameter for choosing a university should be purely on the strength of theeducation system and the course offered.“Life in USA is not different from that in India and one should not forget that life as a student is challenging since the education system here is different and it is important to not losing focus in the comforts and luxury of USA.” – Student feedback on studying abroad

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