Monday, May 9, 2011

Other than academics, what else can a student learn in UK

Independence comes with responsibility. Indian students who live with their parents are accustomed to having theirparents take care of daily activities and chores. Meals are normally cooked, home cleaned, clothes washed to helpstudents to only focus on studies. Living abroad, along with independence, suddenly opens up the world of responsibilities. From buying a loaf of bread to washing clothes, students now need to take care of themselves. In UK, there is the additional complication of mind boggling choices. Even something as simple as a loaf of bread has a bunch of options. Choosing the right one, based on quality, price, provide students with an invaluable, practical lesson in life, i.e., negotiation skills. Negotiation skills are extremely important for people and students learn this naturally in UK. Living in a place like London, can sometimes seem overwhelming – myriad images,people,options, culture, history and atmosphere can leave a person wondering what his or her role in this country really is. It is a place where you establish your own identity and carve a niche for yourself. If you are able to do this with enjoyment, you have mastered the art of perfect living where as a human being you can survive on your own and that is by far the most important lesson you learn from living abroad, on your own.
Transport: Investing in a second hand bike is better than spending money on public transport which can be expensive. However, if you are a student and a regular user of public transport you could invest in a Oyster card which gets you discounted transport rates. Travelling by bus, you become a silent spectator, absorbing the culture, people and the atmosphere around you. London has a great night life and students can make friends and entertain themselves really well here. Shopping in food markets and looking for bargains and discounts to buy clothes will help in terms of money utilized prudently. Life in UK is about learning – not just academics but learning to live life the right way!

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