Thursday, October 24, 2013

Credila gives very sincere contribution to student for getting education abroad.

“Credila’s education loan Sanction Letter helped very much to get the I-20 comfortably. I had enough credit worthiness, own funds but even the loan sanction letter was an important financial document. I will suggest students that they should not deny studies because of fewer funds, they should take help from firm like Credila who are helping the students as the services provided by them are very good.  Credila gives very sincere contribution to student for getting education abroad. 
I was very much comfortable and satisfied with their services. I really thank Mr.Senthil Kumar as he was really helpful, gave very good guidance and processed my application without any hassles and problems. I am also thankful to the services provided by Credila as the loan was sanctioned and disbursed on time.

Mr. Narayanan K Kulam, Father of student
Ajin Narayanan
Master of Science: Management Information Systems-General


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