Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Credila's speed, politeness, sincerity, customer caring & professionalism has touched me.

I am  writing this  letter of appreciation and gratitude  to you &  team Credila regarding the fabulous and excellent service received during the whole process of Loan .

Your speed, politeness, sincerity, customer caring & professionalism has touched me.

The time available to me for sanction of this loan was actually less than 10 days. To begin with, I was actually trying to obtain the loan from local Banks at Mysore but none of them could give me enough confidence that they could really disburse the loan within 10 days’ time. I approached Credila after I had spent 2 days out of the available time with me. I was not sure whether it could happen with Credila also as your office is in Bombay. But, as I started interacting first with Mr Ganesh, my confidence grew. Mr Ganesh worked late on Saturday to go thru  my initial documentation & could organise the visits of verification personnel’s on Sunday. This speeded up the process. Mr Ashwin hastened the process by first verifying all the soft copies of documentation & only then asking us to send the courier with perfect documentation. The actual disbursement of loan took less than a day! Kudos to the whole team!

The whole process of loan application, verification process, document verification & loan disbursement took only 6 working days! It proves that if people are dedicated & ready to serve the customer and use information technology to their advantage , then impossible things are also possible.

I am extremely thankful to whole Credila team & especially to Mr Ganesh, & Mr Ashwin with whom I have interacted extensively over phone and e-mail.

It was really a very pleasant experience. Your performance has mesmerised me & I wish a grand success to your team.

 With warm regards

P K Sharma
Senior Deputy General Manager
Testing & Product Reliability & BU-HR
Metering & Protection Systems
Larsen & Toubro Limited


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