Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I am happy with the services provided by Credila.

"I didn’t face any difficulty as I already had the sanction letter from Credila which supported to get the I-20 easily. At the time of visa, my son showed Credila's sanction letter and easily got the visa. It was one of the main important financial docs which I was holding. While the visa interview, it is the second question asked like how you are arranging the money for your higher studies. At that time we told we are planning to take the loan from Credila and showed them the sanction letter.  Hence due to that we got the visa easily. I learned importance of finance. Also I came to know about Credila.  I was preferring nationalize bank as even they were ready to fund me but they didn’t provide full finance so I preferred Credila as they were better and serviced according to my needs. Now I can give guidelines to any other parents to prefer Credila for educational loans.
I am happy with the services provided by Credila.”

Thyagarajan Paramasivam, Father of student
Suraj Thyagarajan Paramasivam
Master of Science: Computer Science
State University of New York at Buffalo - USA

Monday, July 28, 2014

Credila Have an Excellent Processing Speed for your Education Loan

I chose Credila to get the finances in a very short span of time. I am really thankful to Credila in helping me to pursue my education. Credila have a very good student education financing plan. Credila have an excellent processing speed for your education loan, when I faced difficulties from other banks in getting the loan and had very few days left to fly to USA, Credila helped me to go for higher education in USA.

Akhilesh D., Governors State University, USA.