Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Central Asia, East Europe beckon Indian students

New Delhi:
With admission to state-run Indian medical colleges difficult and private ones charging exorbitant fees, hundreds of Indian students are heading for Central Asian and East European countries to pursue medical courses. Among the preferred destinations is Kyrgyzstan, where many Indian students got trapped amidst ethnic violence."It is not a choice, students are helpless so they have to opt for these countries," said Balraj Gupta, a cardiologist who works with a leading agency sending students abroad. According to the Kyrgyz embassy, there are around 200 Indian students in that country, mostly pursuing medical courses. Eastern European countries are also popular destinations. "Medical education is very expensive in India. Getting admission in government colleges is very difficult and private colleges charge very high fees," Gupta told the sources. "Admission through 'management quota' costs as high as Rs.40 lakh (Rs.4 million). Since capitation fee is banned, this is the term to use," he said. In contrast, the entire course costs barely around Rs.12 lakh (Rs.1.2 million) in countries like Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. These also have easier norms for education and cheaper courses.

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