Friday, July 16, 2010

In today’s economic environment should my son/daughter take up some job experience before applying for higher education?

One of the most common questions which arises is when is a good time to attempt higher education. Is it better to go for it as a fresher or attempt a course after gaining a few years job experience. Both have their pros and cons and it is an entirely personal decision based on each individual’s preference.

Some of the broader points in favor of obtaining an MBA soon after graduation is, the momentum is still going strong. As a student life is all about studying and aspirations and this momentum is carried forward.

Since the student has not yet experienced working life, the commitments, financial entanglements are lesser and hence the student needs to only focus on studies. A student’s life is uncomplicated and he or she can focus on completing the course in the best way.

If a student prefers to work for a few years before attempting higher education, one of the most important point in favor of this is the job knowledge helps the student to understand his subjects better as he can now relate them to real life experiences. As a student, he is merely studying with no exposure to how concepts work in real life, but as a professional he is already executing concepts and when he takes up the course the actual study becomes easier. There are other advantages including the fact that you are now more mature and can manage campus life accordingly. Your employer might sponsor or pay a portion of the cost of the program. You might have already saved money and hence this does not cause a financial burden to parents. And most importantly if your grades were not good in your undergraduate or graduate program, based on your experience your chances of getting admission in a good school might be far better. Last but not least, several programs require a few years work experience mandatorily.


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