Friday, June 18, 2010

Rajasthan Technical University stops affiliation of 12 colleges

Kota: The Board of Inspection at the Rajasthan Technical University has decided to stop the affiliation of 12 colleges in a meeting held under the supervision of varsity Chancellor P.L. Agarwal.

Assistant Director of Academic Faculty R.S. Sharma presented an inspection report of 41 colleges in the meeting that included 17 engineering, 21 MBA, two MCA and one Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering (BHMCT) colleges.

According to Sharma, the affiliation to 3 engineering, 8 MBA and one BHMCT colleges had been stopped due to the alleged incapability of their principals and senior faculty.

The improper documentation of college land, lack of medical facilities and computer lab as per the rules also worked against these colleges.

The colleges have been asked to produce proof of overcoming these deficits by June 30 for their affiliation for the academic session 2010-2011 to be considered.

Coordinators of the 3 MBA colleges had also been called at the meeting. Their documents were checked thoroughly and they were instructed to rectify all the shortcomings within 15 days.

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