Monday, October 25, 2010

My Life at Columbia University

The US experience of Ms. Sangeeta R. who enrolled for MS at Columbia University -2010

Q :- How does it feel to be at Columbia University, New York, USA?
A :- It feels privileged to be a part of an Ivy League Institution.

Q :- Please tell us about which course is you doing and why did you choose that course?
A :- Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design.

Q :- Why did you choose the USA for higher education?
A :- The USA has the most eclectic mix of International students.

Q :- How is Columbia University different than any other USA University based on whatever you have heard from your friends?
A :- Columbia University is not only one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States offering a diverse range of graduate and masters’ level programs but also located in New York, one of the best cities in the USA.

Q :- Are you happy with your decision?
A :- Yes, I am extremely happy with my decision.

Q :- Where do you eat? Do you cook yourself?
A :- I try and cook myself most of the time. It is super convenient to find Indian groceries and spices here in New York. However due to a hectic schedule at school, I do end up eating out most of the time. The food is good in terms of variety and quality and also reasonable, price- wise.

Q :- Where do you live? On-campus or off-campus and why?
A :- I live 10 blocks away from campus. Columbia University does not have housing within the campus, but offers a lot of student housing either in Columbia owned housing or other rental agencies.

Q :- What’s your advice to students who aspire to go to the USA for higher studies?
A :- My advice would be, to shortlist your schools carefully and apply well in advance. Also ensure that you do begin communicating with the directors and professors, professing your interest in pursuing the course. The people here at schools in the USA are extremely helpful and willing to offer advice at all times. So you should make the most of it.

Q :- How are the studies in the USA different than the studies in India?
A :- The fact that there is diversity in terms of nationality of the students, make the learning experience fun and enriching. Also the pedagogic approach is different and more flexible in terms of choice of classes and subjects that interest you the most.

Q :- Is it worth spending so much money to get a degree from the USA as compared to similar degree in India with lower costs?
A :- It is definitely beneficial in terms of the learning experience and the exposure that you get.

Q :- What are you future plans?
A :- My plan for the future is to work in the States for a couple of years to build on international experience and then eventually move back to India to set up my own Architectural practice.

Q :- How did you fund your higher education?
A :- Through family funds and Credila Educational Loan.

Q :- Why did you choose Credila?
A :- Because of their extremely transparent process in terms of loan processing as well as quick and timely help during need of financial documents at the time of applying for a Visa.


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