Monday, February 14, 2011

My life as a student at University of Leicester

Abirami P. shares his experience at University of Leicester.

Q :- You have been one of those highly respected lot of students who have been doing higher studies at University Of Leicester. How does it feel to be at University Of Leicester UK?
A :- I am very happy about it.

Q :- Please tell us about which course you are studying and why did you choose that course?
A :- I am doing my in Infection and Immunity, I selected this course because I am interested in immunology and my projects are full of research.

Q :- Why did you choose the UK for higher education?
A :- I chose UK because I can complete my PG in 1 year and in other countries the course is for 2 years and the fees is also high.

Q :- How is University of Leicester different than any other UK University based on whatever you have heard from your friends about
A :- University Of Leicester is different because of its science background as the DNA finger printing was discovered here and it is ranking 7th.

Q :- Are you happy with your decision?
A :- I am happy and satisfied with my decision.

Q :- Where do you live? On-campus or off-campus and why?
A :- I live on-campus because the University is very near and I need to go to the lab very often for my project work and for which I don’t have to travel much.

Q :- Please share some of your experiences of the UK for aspiring students
A :- I can only speak about my experience with University. University Of Leicester is very good. There are all lab facilities here, people are ready to help you out anytime even for small things. They help you out for job and for future plans and they guide really well. As compared to other location in UK the living expenses are not much.

Q :- How should students select the UK Universities? What are the important things to look at and compare among various Universities?
A :- Important thing to remember is that in UK all the Universities are specialized in different department and different department has different criteria’s even the ranking is different. The student should choose the University depending on their department and interest, they should select the top ranking University.

Q :- What’s your advice to students who aspire to go to the UK for higher studies?
A :- UK Universities are good for all students for bioscience and MBA degree. Select the course and the University depending on their own interest and the department.

Q :- Other than academics, what else did you learn from the country UK?
A :- Other than academics the culture is different, they mainly look into manners, surrounding is neat and clean. Here I stay with students from other countries so I get to know them and their cultures also.

Q :- How are the studies in the UK different than the studies in India?
A :- Here they look for perfection; even it is a small thing that you do it should be done perfectly. Quality is what matters than quantity. It is not that you have to know more, it’s that the things and knowledge that you have should be clear and perfect.

Q :- Is it worth spending so much money to get a degree from the UK as compared to similar degree in India with lower costs?
A :- It is indeed expensive to gain a degree in UK however it is more effective. In India we don’t have much lab facilities as compared to UK.

Q :- What’s your advice to parents of aspiring students?
A :- Parents should not impose or force the students for anything they should let the student decide and then they can collect the information and can support their child for the higher education.

Q :- Key things to remember for parents and students while planning for the studies in the UK
A :- Ranking of the University; area of interest of the student; also check out for scholarship given by the University.

Q :- What are the 3 important things you learnt after you entered the UK?
A :- 1) Dept. of knowledge increases,
2) Hard work is required,
3) Manage every single thing and adjust according to that (self-management is required).

Q :- Did you see the movie 3 idiots? Do you relate to that movie? Please share your thoughts.
A :- No.

Q :- What are you future plans?
A :- To get a job in UK.

Q :- What are your views about the current economic environment in the UK? Has it changed anything for the students like you?
A :- Current economic environment has made the employment very low, however people say that it will be changed after 6-7 months. Here for job they prefer their people first however if you can show the talent and good communication skills then we can get the job easily.

Q :- Any other advice to students and parents?
A :- Before selecting the University and the location take advice from the consultancies, approach 3-4 consultancies and then as per their guidance and your information you can select the course, University and the location.

Q :- Any other references you can give us who can answer similar interviews?
A :- I have few friends however they are busy with their project I will speak to them and will give their references later.


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