Monday, January 16, 2012

How Can One Choose An MBA College From The Numerous Options Which Are Available Today?

Higher education becomes the basis of one’s future in the corporate world and is the dividing line between a good job and a great job. Obviously, it does not come easy and an MBA degree from a good school requires a certain amount of effort in terms of time and money. Not every student can get an MBA degree from Harvard’s and Kellogg’s but that does not mean that there are no other good options.

Also, every single student would like to clear CAT or XAT and get into one of India’s IIMs or other top B-schools in the country. But the fact remains that every year there are nearly 400,000 students who appear for the state level entrance tests while there are barely 15000 seats across 100 odd MBA colleges. Obviously, the next best choice is to go abroad and here it becomes extremely challenging for students to decide which college to choose. To complicate matters, one also has to choose the country and across the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific opportunities abound making the whole decision making process tiresome.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a college:
Step one is to decide whether one really wishes to procure an MBA degree and then the second factor which for many people becomes a roadblock is cost factor. There is no option of not spending the money, especially when it comes to education. But one must see that the money is spent on the right place with the selection of right institute for education.
Brand Name: The name of the college is extremely important for MBA degrees as there is a huge difference in acceptance levels in corporates when it comes to appointing MBA students. In fact, everything starting from salary to position is determined by the university from where the student completes his MBA. An MBA from a reputed college like an IIM will obviously attract better jobs than an MBA from a local college.
Quality of education plays an important role as an MBA program is extremely close to real life scenarios as it prepares the student for managing situations in the corporate world. Faculty’s qualifications, style of teaching, their knowledge sums up the entire experience. Therefore, it is worth the while to check out the faculty before opting for a program in a particular college.
Job placements–Campus recruitment is the best place for MBA students to get jobs and the better the reputation and name of the college the better choice of companies it attracts to the campus.
Campus-The facilities of the campus is also very important. A large campus with a lot of space frees the mind of the student and expands his personal horizon. A great campus is like a wonderful memory in a students life and therefore its importance cannot be discounted.
Fee Structure-Though every management college charges a huge amount as a fees for their education services, but still its an important factor to be kept in mind before investing. The fees involved should justify the services and the standard of education provided by the institute.


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