Monday, March 26, 2012

What Can Be Done To Get The Most Out Of An MBA Program?

An MBA program is a huge commitment in terms of time and money. It exists to provide students with valuable business tools to ensure success in the workplace. But all the tools in the world become meaningless and useless until we learn how to use them effectively. However, more often than not, students who are doing their MBA courses miss out on the programs total effectiveness rendering it useless in practical life. By the time the program is completed and the person takes up a job, many of the theories he or she learnt at the job might be redundant if it is only theoretical knowledge that the student has gained. Therefore, what is required is absorption of practical knowledge along with theoretical information and problem solving skills.

An MBA degree once conferred upon an individual is like a passport to a new life as it can open many doors. However, a managerial position in any organization calls for certain skills which need not catch a new employee by surprise. If the program is fully exploited then it is likely that the transition from student to employee can be a smooth one with no unexpected surprises or jerks.. A few tips to get the most out of an MBA course are as follows:

1. Learn by practice
A lot of times studying happens when the exams are nearing and at that time it is likely that what is learnt is only stored for immediate recall during the exams. Information crammed in the last minute is not assimilated and therefore will not be available when required. The best way to derive maximum benefit from an MBA program is to study with interest and learn to acquire knowledge. Since the curriculum is designed to suit current organizational requirements, knowledge acquired during the program will help the student to manage real-life situations as and when they crop up.

2. Interaction with the faculty
MBA faculty definitely come with the knowledge and experience which makes them a unique, class apart group of people. These people by being available in a classroom are giving students the valuable opportunity to ask questions, learn and share their experiences and this is a great opportunity for MBA students provided they realize the potential behind the same.

3. Interaction with visiting faculty
Visiting faculty normally hold senior, existing positions in the corporate world and they are a window into an unknown future for students. Through their eyes, they can see into this world and learn about it even before they enter it.

4. Practical lessons like business plan preparation
An MBA program helps the student to actually evolve a business plan through the course. Once again, all practical lessons are not created just to acquire marks. They are a tool to understand how to perform in the corporate world and thus they needed to be treated as such.

Along with the above skills, during an MBA program one can develop his or her communication, interpersonal, presentation, time management and interviewing skills which are all extremely important survival aids in the corporate world.


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