Monday, August 13, 2012

Prompt Assistance in Sanction and Disbursement of Education Loan

Thank you for the prompt assistance in sanction and disbursement of the education loan for my son’s post graduate studies at NICMAR, Goa . It was a pleasure in dealing with CREDILA where I found that the definition of the requirement of documentation was very clearly laid out. Once all the relevant documentation was submitted to Credila’s office the processing of the loan took place at a very fast pace.

The quick response was what was being sought from the financing agency, as there was a deadline for payment of the first installment of the tuition fees which was only a week away from the day that I was in a position to submit all the papers, and the same was met. In approaching CREDILA I think I took a correct decision as the whole process took place without any hitch.

I once again thank Credila team for the very prompt and timely assistance provided in this matter.

Prashant G., 
Father of Student studying in NICMAR 2012


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