Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Life at University of Illinois at Chicago

Sridhar V. shares his experience at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Q :- Please tell us about which course is you doing and why did you choose that course?
A :- MS in Management Information Systems. I have chosen this course because I would like to get into technical field with good managerial skills after graduation.

Q :- Why did you choose the USA for higher education?
A :- Best place to apply your fundamental knowledge.

Q :- How is University of Illinois at Chicago different than any other USA University based on whatever you have heard from your friends about
A :- More Scholarships are available and more job opportunities.

Q :- Are you happy with your decision?
A :- Very happy.

Q :- Please share some of your experiences of the USA for aspiring students
A :- It’s a good place to learn and live, only concern is the higher tuition fees.

Q :- What’s your advice to students who aspire to go to the USA for higher studies?
A :- Best place for studies.

Q :- Other than academics, what else did you learn from the country USA ?
A :- Behavior, timeliness.

Q :- How are the studies in the USA different than the studies in India ?
A :- 1. Assignments
2. More importance to basics
3. Flexible course structure

Q :- Is it worth spending so much money to get a degree from the USA as compared to similar degree in India with lower costs?
A :- Yes.

Q :- What’s your advice to parents of aspiring students?
A :- Support them not only financially.

Q :- Key things to remember for parents and students while planning for the studies in the USA
A :- Save, save and save for parents; Learn your basics for students.

Q :- Any other advice to students and parents?
A :- If you are coming for a course other than CS, better think.

Q :- What are you future plans?
A :- Work in US for some time and then settle in INDIA.

Q :- How did you fund your higher education?
A :- My fathers savings and Credila.

Q :- Why did you choose Credila?
A :- Process is very simple and good for students who does not have so sufficient funds.


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