Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cost of Education in the U.S.

While the world worries about recession and economic slowdown, students
Cost of studying in the US includes tuition fees and living costs. These can
vary widely depending on the location. At an average, tuition fees can range
from Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs depending on the institution, type and
quality of program. Adding to the cost of the tuition fees is the cost of living
which can amount to another Rs.4 lakhs depending again on the choice of
It is important to plan well ahead and calculate the cost at least 12 – 18
months before the program to ensure that everything is taken care of. It is
also a great time to explore scholarships, US government assistance, grants
from private and international organizations and loans offered on easy
interest rates.
One important factor to remember is that students are only allowed 20
hours per week of work during first year of study and this can only take
care of incidentals. This amount cannot be shown as income when
applying for admission and visa. Since this kind of work as wellas the pay
attached to it is not dependable, this amount should not be included in the
total income available for studying in the US.


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