Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My life as a student at Wichita State University.

Jaswanth R. shares his experience at Wichita State University.

Q :- You have been one of those highly respected lot of students who have been doing higher studies at Wichita State University how does it feel to be at Wichita State University USA?
A :- This was my goal to do my MS from USA and I am feeling good that I am in the right path to achieve my goal.

Q :- Please tell us about which course you are studying and why you chose that course?
A :- I am doing my MS in Computer Science I chose this course because I have done my engineering in Computer Science. Wichita State University provide good course for Computer Science field.

Q :- Why did you choose the USA for higher education?
A :- USA because after doing the course I can get good job as job opportunities here are better than any other countries.

Q :- How is Wichita State University different than any other USA University based on whatever you have heard from your friends about
A :- Our University is famous for networking courses which is a part for Computer Science and National Aviation Institute of research is a part of our University it is one of the best research Institute in USA.

Q :- Are you happy with your decision?
A :- Yes, I am happy.

Q :- Where do you live? On-campus or off-campus and why?
A :- I live off campus because it is cheaper also it just takes 5 minutes from my place to reach the University. If we live on campus then its 2 person per room which is expensive and living off campus we can share room with 3-4 members so that it is cheaper.

Q :- Please share some of your experiences of the USA for aspiring students
A :- USA is very good country for studying. International students are more as you can find more Chinese and Indian students in every University. There will be no problem because all the people here are very friendly and helpful. Here each year there are 150 -200 students who join the MS course however Americans are just 20-30 in numbers as they don’t do MS in large numbers.

Q :- How should students select the US Universities? What are the important things to look at and compare among various Universities?
A :- Presently look at the expenses that the student and their family member have to bear for the courses. Now the situation is not that good in USA as they are cutting down the H1 jobs so they should be prepared if they don’t get a job they should be ready to go back to India. Doing an MS course from any US university is good as compared to India. Here majority gets jobs through consultancy and for getting full time jobs we have to work hard and study well.

Q :- What’s your advice to students who aspire to go to the USA for higher studies?
A :- They should be mentally prepared to live here, if they have home sickness they can’t survive here for first 1 or 2 months as here we have to do each and everything by our own. Situations are improving so we can hope that it improves a lot and we can get good jobs here.

Q :- Other than academics, what else did you learn from the country USA?
A :- I have learnt to live myself - independent. Most of the time here we get jobs in remote areas. The culture here is totally different from India.

Q :- How are the studies in the USA different than the studies in India?
A :- Studies in USA is different because it is all about research work and practical there are not much theory part in the studies.

Q :- Is it worth spending so much money to get a degree from the USA as compared to similar degree in India with lower costs?
A :- It is worth spending because getting a degree from USA means a lot and here we can learn more and great exposure. (Select the University depending on your budget).

Q :- What’s your advice to parents of aspiring students?
A :- Parents as they will be dealing with the finance select the university depending on the budget that they have as doing MS from any US university is good.

Q :- Key things to remember for parents and students while planning for the studies in the USA
A :- Basically they should look into the student’s interest for the course that he is planning to do. He should not be forced to do any other course if he is not interested.

Q :- What are the 3 important things you learnt after you entered the USA?
A :- 1) To live independent, 2) Well-mannered people, 3) Traffic sense and rules.

Q :- Did you see the movie 3 idiots? Do you relate to that movie? Please share your thoughts.
A :- Yes, I saw the movie however I don’t relate to that movie. It is a motivational movie.

Q :- What are you future plans?
A :- To get a job here, to work hard and then going back to India.

Q :- What are your views about the current economic environment in the USA? Has it changed anything for the students like you?
A :- Due to the current economic environment we don’t get assistance ship from the University and to get a part time job is also difficult.

Q :- Any other advice to students and parents?
A :- Already said those points above.


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