Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life as a student in the US

“We cook dinner at home. Basically all my flat mates
are Indians and we take turns cooking food. Hence
each of us gets to taste different styles of cooking
and great food. Lunch is at the campus and they
provide some great options for vegetarians. “ Says
Krishnan Lakshminarayanan, Masters in Science
(Chemical Engineering) at the Oklahoma State
University, USA.
Since the cost of living on-campus and off-campus is
almost similar a lot of students prefer to live off
campus by sharing an apartment with a few other students. This brings cost down
considerably and also helps to provide companionship.
Describing their lives in the US these students strongly endorse the fact that they
made the right choice and it is the best decision they made in their lives. Echoing a
hope and providing a message to aspiring students, Krishnan says, “Thanks to
Credila, finance which was the biggest hurdle to study abroad has now come down
and any one who is academically sound can explore his or her dreams and study
anywhere in the world.”
Exclaiming about the professional culture, Laksminarayan says, “These people know
to handle their responsibilities very well. And people here respect and trust each
other. This was quite unexpected when I came here. “
Students find that contradictory to most opinions life as a student in the US is better
than in India as people are extremely professional by nature and do not trouble
others. As far as academics is concerned the courses are designed in such a way
that there is really no need for mugging and what is required is an understanding of
the subject making it easier to remember and write during exams.
“I live on campus hence we have common dining and once in a week they have
Indian food, I even bought a micro wave just to prepare some food by my own like
rice etc.” says Arunkumar Ranganathan who is doing his MBA in International
Business from the Thunderbird School of global Management


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