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100 Essential Resources for Doing Business in China

China has emerged as an amazing economic power that brings plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people alike from outside China. If you plan to do business in China, there are several areas you should study prior to launching your business venture. The following resources include journals and newspapers, informative articles, blogs and podcasts, and free classes to help you learn about international business, Chinese culture, and even how to speak Chinese. Take advantage of these resources to get the best start possible on your business relationship in China.

Business Journals and Newspapers

Stay on top of all the news that affects business in China with these journals and newspapers.

1.The China Business Network. Learn about advertising, technology, cultural business strategies, and more as well as read interviews from important business people in this online journal.
2.China Success Stories. Take advantage of the experience of those who have gone before you and learn what these business people did to create a successful business venture in China.
3.China Economic Review. Stay on top of the economy in China with this journal.
4.The China Business Review. Find out about the supply chain, exporting, environmental issues, and more in this journal.
5.China Business Info Center. Read the latest news and headlines that pertain to doing business in China here.
6.Asia Times Online Greater China Business. Get all the news happening in China that may affect business there.
7.China Stocks, Companies, and Industry Analysis. Learn about the news that relates to stocks in China from this source.
8.China Briefing. Publishing in China since 1999, this business news publication offers news and information about doing business in China.
9.China Digital Times. The site sponsored by the Berkeley China Internet Project brings news stories about business, tech, and more coming out of China.
10.Wall Street Journal China Journal. Learn about Chinese business, economy, and culture with the reports from this respected news source.
11.China Business Market News. Get free articles on Chinese economy, investments, retail, pharmaceutical, technology, and more.
12.China Business News. Interfax China provides news that touches on telecommunications, metals, energy, commodities, and more.

Being connected with other business people can be important to the success of your business venture. From business associations to sustainable development groups, these organizations will help you make important connections.

13.The US-China Business Council. This non-profit organization exists to support and maintain positive US-Chinese trade practices.
14.American China International Business Association. Working to develop successful business relationships, this non-profit organization works closely with government and businesses in China.
15.The American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China. This non-profit organization works to provide solid business practices for its members.
16.Committee of 100. This group of American citizens with Chinese backgrounds has worked to secure important and respected positions in the community and work to better US-Chinese relations as well as provide a forum for specific issues faced by Chinese-Americans.
17.The 48 Group Club. This independent business network, with a heavy British presence, serves to promote good relations with China.
18.China Council for The Promotion of International Trade. Working to promote foreign trade, investment, and technologies, this group strives to create strong working relationships between China and foreign countries.
19.China Business Council for Sustainable Development. This organization of Chinese and foreign businesses work together to create sustainable development in an effort to promote environment health safety and social responsibility.
20.International Chamber of Commerce. This international business group works to strengthen the world economy, job growth, and overall prosperity in a global environment.
21.Business for Social Responsibility. This global network of businesses work together to create sustainable business practices. This organization also has a Chinese counterpart.
22.Transparency International. With a chapter of this organization in China, this politically non-partisan group works to end corruption in both public and private sectors around the world.

From learning what to do or not to do when conducting business in China to the importance of being in business groups, these articles will inform you on the best business practices in China.

23.7 Deadly Perceptions About Doing Business with China. Don’t fall victim to these misperceptions and you will be on the way to a successful business partnership.
24.China Tries to Solve Its Brand X Blues. This article offers insight to the importance of branding in China and the struggles currently faced by companies there.
25.7 Secrets to Business Success in China. These simple yet effective suggestions will have you starting off on a promising venture in China.
26.Starting a Business in China. Discover the procedures and costs involved with setting up a business in China with this table provided by Doing Business.
27.Business China. This interview with a European businessman working in China for 16 years provides insight to what it is like to do business in China.
28.Business Groups in China: Is Qiyejituan Membership a Guaranteed Advantage?. This article from the W.P. Carey School of Business explores the role of business groups to the success of firms in China.
29.‘Quality Fade’: China’s Great Business Challenge. Take a look at one popular theory as to why the quality of Chinese goods has deteriorated and how they can improve.
30.Business Travel in China. Learn invaluable tips from meals to dress code to business card etiquette to use while on business in China.
31.Why China Won’t Come to the Rescue. Looking at the recent financial history between China and New York, this article explains an important reason why China may not help America’s financial crisis.
32.Tips on Doing Business in China and China Sourcing. While this article is intended as a sales tool to use this company’s services, it nevertheless provides valuable information on doing business in China.
33.Inside the War Against China’s Blogs. This Business Week article describes the power of blogs when it comes to businesses and their practices in China.
34.Rough Guide to Outsourcing in China. Read this businessman’s journal documenting his experience while in China to visit suppliers. After the article, scroll down for tips on finding a supplier in China and survival tips while traveling in China.
35.10 Best-Kept Secrets to Selling in China Successfully. Two experts in Chinese business offer suggestions for successful business relations in China.
Government, Legal, and Non-Profit Resources

These resources range from governmental websites about exporting to China to Chinese laws to a database of important Chinese leaders.

36.China Business Information Center. Learn all about exporting to China with this resource from Export.Gov.
37.China Business Intelligence. This site from The American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China offers links to other sites ranging from legal issues to tax issues to human resources.
38.China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission. Find arbitration rules and news pertaining to arbitration at this site.
39.China Stands Up. This series from Project Syndicate examines China’s impact on world trade and the global environment.
40.Foreign Trade Law of the People’s Republic of China. With this resource, you will ensure you understand the laws in China regarding foreign trade.
41.Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China. Having a business in China may mean you become involved with investors, public stock in your business, or other securities issues. Know the Chinese law before you begin.
42.China Commodity Net. Find Chinese suppliers with international certification or browse by location within China or product name to find suppliers at this government site.
43.China Data Center. From the University of Michigan, this site offers statistics on China including information on census, agriculture, economics, and more.
44.China Watch. A part of World Watch, this organization monitors safety, health, and environmental issues in China as they pertain to policy-makers, businesses, and non-governmental agencies.
45.China Vitae. This site keeps information on over 3000 Chinese leaders from several sectors including government, politics, business, education, and the military.
46.Global Institute of Logistics China Report. This organization works to connect academia with the business world, and this page is devoted to business in China.
47.Business Library 2.0: Doing Business in China. These links provided by the University of Florida offer articles, advice, and resources for doing business in China.

Blogs hold an important place in the business culture in China. Follow these blogs to learn what you need to know and help you become a part of the Chinese business community.

48.Asiabizblog. Learn about the latest news about doing business in China with this blog that is updated twice weekly.
49.ChinaSolved Blog. The blog at this site offers great advice to help you improve your business relations with your Chinese counterparts.
50.China Business Blog. From the financial markets to trade surplus, learn what is affecting businesses in China at this blog.
51.China Business SEO Marketing Guide. Find out how to boost your online presence for your business in China with the advice on this blog.
52.All Roads Lead to China. Get a better understanding of China through the posts offering strategic insight and advice on this blog.
53.Business and Finance on Danwei. From Chinese labor laws to technology policies in Asia, learn about the details of doing business in China here.
54.Best Practices China Blog. This blog offers "international business skills for China’s professionals" with advice and suggestions to improve your business relationships.
55.China Business Law Blog. Written by a Chinese man attending law school in Texas, this blog offers insight and news analysis of China and business law.
56.China Environmental Law. Keep up-to-date with Chinese environmental and energy laws and policies with this blog written by an international lawyer in China.
57.China Financial Markets. Written by a business professor in China, this blog offers important information about the financial markets.
58.Experience Not Logic. This blog states its purpose to "explore the business and legal culture of China."
Videos and Podcasts

These videos and podcasts can help you stay on top of the news, culture, and even learning the language in China.

59.ChinaOnTV Business Videos. Watch video clips featuring business news from China at this site.
60.China Business Blog and Podcast. Listen to podcasts from this consulting firm offering information on doing business in China.
61.China Talk Radio. Get podcasts here that deliver speeches from some of the top business people working in China.
62.The China Business Show. These podcasts bring interviews from experts in the fields of advertising, business culture, entrepreneurship, and much more.
63.ChinesePod. Learn Chinese with these podcasts. One week is free, but then you will need to pay to continue the service.
64.Interview with Jill Buck, Founder of the Go Green Initiative. Listen to this podcast to learn about this organization and how it is working with China.
65.The Cool Aid . Listen to podcasts from bizCult about living and doing business in China from this site.
66.Danwei FM. Get podcasts from one of the most popular China blogs on the Internet.
67.Marketplace from American Public Radio. The Asia section covers all of Asia, but has a preponderance of podcasts on China.
68.Peace Corps Language Lessons. Get Mandarin lessons on podcast from the Peace Corps here.
69.CSLPod. These podcasts are intended for those learning Chinese as a second language.
International Business Schools

The business schools in China have gained a reputation as some of the best in the world. If you plan to pursue your MBA in China, check out these schools.

70.China Europe International Business School. Earn an MBA at this school located in China run exclusively for business people operating in or moving to China.
71.University of International Business and Economics. The first institute of higher learning for Chinese international business, this business school enjoys an excellent reputation as a leader in business education.
72.Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. The first non-profit business school in China, this school not only attracts top educators, it also promotes a strong sense of social justice in its education.
Free International Business and Politics Classes

Whether you already have an MBA or are just gaining more knowledge about doing business in China, these free classes will help you understand the economic, political, and business culture in China.

73.International Trade. Study current topics of international trade to determine the flow of goods across borders and what determines the flow of savings and investments between countries.
74.International Economics. Learn the basics in trade theory, policy, and international finance in this class.
75.International Economics I. This graduate level class from MIT explores the field of international trade and foreign investment.
76.FT Business School Growing Business Opportunities in China. From Financial Times, this course offers videos, online Q&As, and more to help you learn about doing business with China.
77.Global Markets, National Politics and the Competitive Advantage of Firms. Study the risks and opportunities available to businesses operating in a global markets.
78.Global Entrepreneurship Lab. Learn about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the global world of business in this lab class.
79.Global Strategy and Organization. This course teaches business owners and managers how to lay the foundation for a successful company in international business.
80.International Relations. This introductory course strives to teach students the basics of international relations including idealism and realism.
81.International Relations of East Asia. Explore western relations with East Asia both before and after the Cold War and examine how this history has shaped current relations.
82.International Environmental Negotiation. Learn how to successfully negotiate for sustainability when working internationally in this graduate level course.
83.Government and Politics of China. Examine pre-Communist and Communist China to discover how the current political system has developed.
84.Comparative Politics and China. Study contemporary Chinese politics and relate them to the wider field of comparative politics in this graduate class.
85.Analyzing & Accounting for Regional Economic Change. Learn about factors within regions that affect economic growth and development in a global economy.
Language Classes

Doing business in China means you will probably need to speak some of the language. These university courses are all free and will have you speaking Mandarin before you know it.

86.Chinese I. Learn the basics of Mandarin with these lessons specially created for open courseware. This is the first in a series of four classes.
87.Chinese II. The second course of the series, this class focuses on conversation, reading, and the structure of the Chinese written language system.
88.Chinese III. In the third section of this series, this class builds upon what was learned in the prior classes to strengthen conversation and writing skills.
89.Chinese IV. Continue your lessons in the final course of the series while focusing on strengthening your reading skills and gaining confidence with the spoken word.
90.Chinese V: Chinese Cultures and Society. This course combines text lessons with real-life explorations of Chinese culture.
91.Chinese VI: Discovering Chinese Cultures and Society. Sharpen the sophistication of your written and oral Mandarin in this course that explores various real-life resources to further your studies. Conducted in Mandarin only.
Culture Classes

Before you begin doing business in China, you should get an understanding of the culture there. These free classes will enlighten and educate you in the ways of the East.

92.Chinese Foreign Policy. Learn the history of Chinese policy from the Cold War era to present day with this class offered through MIT.
93.Traditional Chinese Literature: Poetry, Fiction, and Drama. Learn about the major Chinese genres in traditional literature in this class.
94.Cultural Performances of Asia. Examine the way traditional and present-day performances in Asia communicate culture in this class that utilizes text, video, audio, and online materials to teach the subject.
95.Smashing the Iron Rice Bowl: Chinese East Asia. Follows the lives of ordinary Chinese citizens as they experience enormous changes of 19th and 20th centuries in this course.
96.Race and Gender in Asian America. Explore the Asian American experience so that you can better understand the intersection of traditional Asia and America in your business practices.
97.Working in a Global Economy. Find out about practice and policy of doing business in a global economy.
98.Communicating Across Cultures. Learn how to bridge culture gaps in this class that focuses on communication issues.
99.East Asia in the World. Study the history of East Asia, most specifically China and Japan, and their relationships within East Asia and abroad.
100.Introducing Regional Integration. From the United Nations University, this course teaches about integrating regions both across countries and within countries.


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