Friday, August 13, 2010

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Mumbai. Leading English television news channel Times Now has finally conceded that it might have asked just too many questions in the last few years. A bulk of these questions were asked on the channel’s prime time news show The Newshour, while many others kept popping up round the clock as various news and events unfolded. According to an estimate, around 702854 questions might have been asked since the trend started on the channel.

“Yes, that appears like a lot of questions,” admitted Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief of Times Now and the host of The Newshour show. “But I am asking this question to you tonight. And gentleman, I want an honest answer from you. Would you still have watched our shows if we hadn’t asked any questions at all?” Arnab asked our reporter, arguably the 702855th question.
Most of the television news viewers agreed that the questions asked by Times Now were usually sort of interesting, but most of them were unsure where to find the answers.

“Questions are alright, but I could never get the answers, even though The Newshour always overshoots its time limit. For example I still don’t know if Shiney Ahuja is innocent or a rapist?” said Venkat Ashok, a Times Now follower, who also wondered if the channel could come up with a question bank soon containing all the questions asked till date.

Times Now representatives have rejected such criticisms and have argued that the channel’s job was to ask questions, and it couldn’t be held responsible or accountable for lack of answers.

Some hardcore fans of the channel too share the view.

“A news channel is not supposed to provide answers; the common citizens have to hunt for them. Those who want readymade answers without applying their brains should watch NDTV and other similar channels. Barkha Dutt has the answers to all the questions.” said Sameer, a Times Now fan.

Meanwhile Times Now has refused to confirm or deny the rumors that the channel was planning a grand party whenever it breached the one million questions asked milestone.


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