Thursday, August 19, 2010

Audencia: True life-long learning from re-launched MBA

International Audencia MBA breaks the mould with career-long e-learning

In a move which questions the one-shot nature of most MBAs, one of France’s top five management schools has revamped its international MBA to offer a novel life-long learning package. This full-time programme will be marketed as International Audencia MBA.

The MBA, revised from a programme offered since 1984 by Audencia Nantes School of Management, will open in September of this year allowing participants to take a classic 12-month course followed by a major innovation – a tailored programme of career-long e-learning modules linked to a breakthrough knowledge support service. In this way, those taking International Audencia MBA have the option of a personalised re-actualisation package that allows them to keep in constant touch with the ever changing business world.

Built on two strengths

Taught solely in English by international experts, the new look MBA rests on two of the school’s strengths: Campus.Net and the Portfolio of Competencies. Campus.Net technology will allow alumni from the classic 12-month core MBA programme to combine work with further e-learning modules, while the Portfolio of Competencies means each participant’s personal development is regularly gauged so helping them reach their full potential.

Through the e-learning aspect of International Audencia MBA, managers have more freedom to pursue the extra studies of their choice with the guidance of a personal tutor. After the MBA’s 12-month programme each participant can choose a 24 hour-long e-learning module per year over three years at no extra charge. This approach can then extend throughout alumni’s lives on a pay-as-you-study basis. Once the free package of three years’ e-learning has been completed, alumni come back to the school for two days to act as manager for one of the teams from around the world involved in the International Audencia MBA Competition. This puts them into a multicultural business atmosphere close to reality, so testing their skills.

Foundations of management

Designed to suit the business world and in line with the school’s overall strategy, International Audencia MBA recruits managers with at least three year’s experience and a BA, BSc, MA, MSc or equivalent. With its breadth of core modules, the programme does not neglect the basis of management, from Finance and Accounting to Law or Marketing. These core subjects plus the choice of specialisation tracks are rounded off by a 30,000 word project. The programme costs 17,000€ for the 12-month core course and three years of e-learning modules.


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