Thursday, August 5, 2010

HHL: International Career Tracks

HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management will introduce a European Career Track next year, where interships in Italy and France are offered to select students. Thus, the school is trying to improve the job prospects of their graduates. Another transatlantic Career Track is planned for the near future.

In the transatlantic Career Track students can complete internships in the USA. "70 percent of our students come from overseas," says Torsten Wulf, Aacademic Director of MBA programs. "Therefore, we must increase the range of job opportunities." One step into this direction is the cooperation with the French Audencia Nantes School of Management and the Italian MIP Politecnico di Milano.

Hence, the career consultants of the three schools already interview each other's students via Skype. These sample-interviews in an international set-up are meant to prepare the students for job hunting. Furthermore, it is planned to make corporate presentations of one school virtually accessible for students of the other two schools. There is also a joint study week, with each school offering one course.

HHL offering a full-time MBA alongside a part-time MBA is one of the leading German business schools.


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