Saturday, July 24, 2010

Admission to Executive MBAs in India

Admission to Executive MBAs in India
Here is a FAQ about executive MBAs. Its my personal opinion after completing one such course. In any case, consult multiple people before taking any decision.

1. Which are the leading institutions providing executive MBA courses (full time) ?
Almost all leading IIMs -A,B,C,L,Indore- along with ISB, are providing 1 year executive MBA courses in India.

2. Admission criteria?
a) GMAT score b) Interviews c) Overall profile

3. What is a good GMAT score?
It varies based on one’s profile. Someone working in manufacturing industry could get in with a score of 600. But considering the fact that most candidates belong to the IT crowd, one should target at least 700

4. What is a good profile?
a) Good academics (from good institutions is a bonus), b) coprorate experience with reputed organizations, c) awards/achievements from work place, d) Entrepreneurship experience, e)Achivement in terms of innovation (ideas, processes etc..) in work place f) Social service/Extra curriculars (if applicable)

5. What is the best experience level where one can make optimum use of MBA (in terms of placement?)
I would say 7-8 years of experience with more than 1 year of management experience. Sales/Presales exp also advantageous.

6. What is evaluated in interview?
a) Clarity of thoughts and communication b) Clarity about why you want to do MBA? c) Evaluation of the candidates quality of experience and possibility of boosting that career based on MBA d) Awareness of society in general, world economy, national level issues and economy, awareness about ones own industry, company as well as clear thoughts on areas/ways of imporvement in the above.

7. ISB, IIMA, B, C – which one to choose?
Apply everywhere! However,
- ISB prefers less than 4 yr experience;
- Choose anyone based on your convenience. Wont make much difference for experienced candidates like you.

8. How is it is for ladies to get admission?
There is a shortage of ladies in all these courses. Its pretty easy for ladies to get admission !

9. How much salary hike I can expect after doing the course?
It depends on your current salary ! If you are already getting very high salary, MBA cant help you too much (in getting higher salary)

10.Is academic grades/marks important in final placements?
Not at this level (avg exp of 10 years) . Your fitment with the companies requirement and your quality of experience will decide your placement.


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