Friday, July 16, 2010

What are the choices to fund higher education of my child?

Traditionally a lot of students who got a chance to study abroad were the ones who could afford it and a lot of bright students could not pursue a higher education abroad due to financial constraints. Getting into some of the top notch colleges abroad is not easy and it is definitely not cheap. But then the rewards far outweigh the effort and a year’s work is sometimes enough to fund the entire course abroad.

But where do you go for money now? Today there are multiple choices for raising money for education, including sponsorships, scholarships and education loan. Education loan can be easily availed of if you have the right documents and collateral. But even better, organizations like Credila, which are focused only on providing Education loans have flexible systems in place to enable easy loans tailored to meet the requirements of individual students.

Loans normally cover all expenses related to Institution Fee, hostel Fee, Examination Fee, Library and Laboratory Fee, Purchases of Books, Equipment and Instruments and Caution or Refundable Deposit Eligibility criteria is really broad and the student should be an Indian national. While most institutions fund loans after the student has secured admission, institutions like Credila begin the process of applying for a loan even before the process is started.

Since the loan repayment happens after completion of the program, the actual cost of education can be borne by the student. The advantage of this is, the student does not carry guilt that a huge amount is being spent by the parents on education and secondly since the student knows the responsibility attached to the loan, i.e., repayment, he or she will tend to be even more committed to complete the course with a good percentage.


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