Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aston Grad Sets Up Book Charity

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Business School News: Aston Grad Sets Up Book Charity
MBA brings much-needed business books back to Nigeria

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MBA Graduate Ayo Ajayi with Paul Hebron, Aston University's Alumni Relations Officer

Aston Business School is set to send books to universities throughout Nigeria to help a new charity, set up by a recent Nigerian MBA graduate, to provide better educational opportunities to the locals.
Promoting his charity, the Michael Andrew Olorunfemi Foundation, Ayo Ajayi, will see between 200 and 1,000 books being shipped to his native country. Aston Business School has also committed a further five shipments planned in the next twelve months.
The books in subjects of Business & Management, Engineering, Modern Languages, Teaching, Life & Health Sciences, Social Sciences, IT, Teaching and English language will be donated from the university’s library.
“Before I left to go back to Nigeria, decided I needed to develop a programme which would enable me to give back to the community I come from,” said Ajayi.
“Education is crucial for development, but with the limited investment in education in Nigeria, this seems to be a perfect way of making a difference and contributing towards empowering people, particularly youth.
“This kind of collaborative project will significantly compliment to improve the standard of education in Nigeria, build capacity and will hopefully meet the aspiration of the Nigerian students for access to up-to-date and relevant educational material.”
How to Build a Business School?
It took Yash Gupta, dean of Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University, three years to find out the ups and downs of starting a b-school from scratch.
In 2006, the world-renowned research university received $50 million from real estate mogul William Polk Carey. After three years in the process of curriculum design, fund-raising, faculty recruiting and accreditation searching, the first class for Hopkins’ new global MBA program is set to arrive in August.


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