Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ten Highest Paying Jobs In Business

1. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) earn $160,440 as an average yearly salary in a multitude of business fields. CEOs are responsible for overseeing operations of many businesses. CEOs are the highest ranking individuals within a company, corporation, organization or agency. CEOs handle the better part of decision making within companies, though frequently CEOs report to a board of directors. CEOs manage the delegation of responsibility within a business as well as internal and external operations, marketing, strategy, financing, human resource issues, hiring and termination of employees, compliance with safety regulations, sales, and public relations.
2. Marketing Managers earn a base salary of $118,160 yearly, depending upon the field of business. Customer analysis, company analysis, and competitor analysis are the three C’s of a marketing manager’s job responsibilities. Marketing managers plan, estimate, organize and promote businesses depending upon the company’s size, corporate makeup, and industry. Marketing managers meet customers advertising needs relating to level, timing, and composition of demand for a business’ product. Marketing managers also work in sales, product development, and pricing strategies to increase business profits, investments, and shares.

3. Agents and Business Managers of Performers, Artists, and Athletes have the potential to earn at least $101,220 per year on average. Agents and Business Managers of Performers, Artists, and/or Athletes represent clients and market them to possible employers. Agents and managers promote artists, performers, and athletes handle contract negotiation while collecting fees, commissions, and payment to represent clients within business matters. Agents and managers schedule performances, promotional events, auditions, interviews, and issues pertaining travel. Agents and managers work closely with clients, strategically planning career goals, following industrial trends, and assisting with financial planning.

4. Personal Financial Advisors have the potential to earn $92,970 as a base yearly salary. Personal financial advisors assist in short and long term money management on behalf of a many of clients. Personal financial advisors direct people in terms of debt management, investments, pension or retirement planning, insurance coverage and financial objectives. Personal financial advisors must possess strong communication skills and extensive knowledge of tax, as well as investment, markets. International economists assert that job growth in this field is faster than all others, expecting the trend to continue well through 2018.

5. Management Analysts earn a base salary of $82,920 yearly. Management analysts are the problem solvers of the business world. A management analyst’s key responsibilities include researching, proposing, and predicting the best course of action to enhance a company’s structure, efficiency, and/or profits. The duties of a management analyst or management consultant vary significantly depending upon the field of specialization.

6. Financial Examiners earn an annual salary of $78,180. A financial examiner enforces a company or organization’s compliance with laws and regulations related financial, investment, and real estate transactions. Financial examiners determine the authenticity of records as well as verify correctness, ensure legality of transactions, operations, and financial solvency, and uphold new, proposed, or revised business laws, policies, and procedures. Coordinating, supervising, managing, and training others are financial examiners primary duties. Financial examiners review the work of subordinates, manage internal and external audits, and oversees management within an organization.

7. Logisticians earn a yearly salary of $68,600 depending upon the field of employment. Logisticians primarily analyze and coordinate the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of material, facilities, and personnel within an organization, business, or firm. Logisticians oversea company resources, acquisitions, distributions, internal allocations and deliveries. Logisticians are responsible for the entire life cycle of products, services, and persons within a business.

8. Business Operations Specialists generally earn a base pay of $64,990 yearly. Business operations specialists coordinate the operations of companies, organizations, and institutions within the public and private sector. Business operations specialists oversee day to day activities of an organization. Business operations specialists closely monitor the use of materials and human resources while planning, directing, and coordinating company policies. Job responsibilities of business operations specialists vary greatly depending upon the field of employment.

9. Cost Estimators earn a base pay of $60,320 yearly. Cost estimators are the business industry’s forecasters. Cost estimators’ job responsibilities vary within the specific field of specialization. Cost estimators generally focus on the cost, size, and duration of future business projects and endeavors. Cost estimators forecase the profitability of new projects, products, or purchases, while ascertaining material, labor, location, and machinery (including computer) projections. Cost estimators gather information for proposals, products, and other aspects of business to determine the most cost effective strategy to maximize profits in business dealings.

10. Human Resources, Training and Labor Relation Specialists typically earn a base salary of $58,230 yearly. Human Resources, training, and labor relation specialists are responsible for attracting, motivating, teaching, and retaining qualified employees. Human resource, training and labor relation specialists recruit, interview, and hire new staff while adhering to an organizations established policies. Human resource, training, and labor relation specialists are often involved in strategic planning, as well as issues pertaining to the improvement of morale, productivity, work environment, and development. Human resource, training and labor relation specialists also handle employee benefits, incentive programs, and attendance.

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