Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Mr. Anuragi Raman, IIT - Kharagpur

Interview with Mr. Anuragi Raman who started his career with Marubeni Corporation after
graduating from IIM-Ahmedabad. After a stint of Business Planning for Modi Telstra (later
acquired by Airtel) he headed roaming operations for Airtel's Kolkata circle.

Mr. Raman started his Six Sigma journey in GE Capital International Services in 2002. Since then he has been in the Six Sigma / Process Excellence field. He spent three & half years in WNS Global Services in various lead roles.

In his last role he headed the Business Process Excellence and Transformation function for one of its four verticals. Mr. Raman Heads the Information Technology & Business Process Excellence team at Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd, A leading financial services company.

Mr. Raman is from IIT – Kharagpur and IIM - Bangalore

1. You have been one of those highly respected lot of students who have done both IIT and IIM. How does it feel?

It feels great. In fact it used to feel much greater around the time of passing out. God has been
good to me that I was blessed with parents who encouraged and supported me in all decisions I
took regarding these two great institutes of learning. I took one major decision each to get into
IIT-Kharagpur and IIM – Ahmedabad. I think as we grow I feel sense of responsibility towards society in general and nation in particular to contribute and enable people to become better and wiser. I tend to focus on these responsibilities while making money for myself and enable organizations improve profits.

2. In which way IIT and IIM has changed you?
A lot! Both institutes made me face the real world. In school it was a different environment and I was on top of the world but after entering these institutes I met with the real world and transformation of boy into man happened, I would say. I studied in Hindi medium till class so it was an additional challenge for me. Having said above, I feel incomplete as I grow and interact with more people – I guess that is the truth. These institutes made me focus on my strengths and forced me to work on my weaknesses. One more aspect of self realization happened in both institutes and that is improved self-confidence. Humans come to study and I was also one more
of them … no special shape, size etc. was required to get in there. Specifically, while IIT helped
me shape my overall personality and make me some great friends, IIM helped me sustain
pressure and improved my endurance, especially first year and more specifically the first term
where the pressure of academics was so huge that any minute wasted seemed like a big crime.
In those days I felt it was unnecessary pressure but I did not realize that institute prepared
students sustain pressure in corporate world.

3. To what extent the institutes play a role in your career growth?
A great deal. They are definitely great stamps on your resume. One can focus on performing well
at work after having these certificates instead of getting more certificates during job to enhance
one’s resume. Though academically they may not have directly helped me through subject matter
expertise but overall development does helps in corporate world. I still remember how MOC at
IIM-A has helped me all through. Another important aspect is networking with some great people
there. Our batch mates are all over the place at various senior positions in different industries and
geographies. Though need has not arisen so far but I am confident if there will be need these
friends will be there to help me.

4. What’s your advice to the students who are preparing for IITs and IIMs?
Just chill and focus on building core strengths and conceptual understanding. Mugging never
helps you get through these entrance formats. Do not be under pressure just do your best by
focusing on right studies and leave the rest to almighty. Getting a good coach (coach who
focuses on above said aspects) is critical. In the hindsight I feel a coach would have helped me
further … I did not have one. Even if you do not get through … it is not end of the world.

5. Some students have to make a choice between IIMs and MBA overseas. What’s your
advice to such students
IIMs. Action is here. The academics wise IIMs would be closer to Indian market and now there
are people who are migrating to India so why think of going overseas. However, in the event that
you choose to then make sure you go to one of the IVY leagues even if they cost you a bomb.

6. Other than academics, what else did you learn from IIT and IIM?
I think byproducts I learnt other than academics have been much more useful. I learnt a lot …
overall personality development, making friends, politics and how to deal with that; how to be self
and still deal with the world. Above all I guess self belief and self-confidence.

7. Which institute influenced you more IIT or IIM?
Difficult to differentiate between the two. Both influenced me in different way. While IIT shaped
me as a person, IIM helped me get into a good career. If I am forced to choose one out the two, I
will choose IIT.

8. Your advice to parents of aspiring IIT and IIM students:
Do not put undue pressure on your wards. Just give them all that they need to prepare to enter
into these institutes and leave the rest to them. Another thing: do not be over or under confident
about your ward … both are bad for your mental health and your kid’s chances of getting into
them. Parents must understand the real potential of their kid instead of just expecting him/her to
get into these institutes because your neighbor’s son/daughter has gone there … it puts extra
pressure on the ward. Try to focus on giving right and good values to the kids instead of getting
into a rat race. I think my parents could be the one who can advice parents better :-)

9. What’s your advice to students who can’t or didn’t make it to IIT or IIM?
As I have said above. IIT or IIM is not the end of the world … they are one of many routes to
become a good human being and be successful in life. If you do not get through, sulk for few
days only (because if you do not that would mean you did not try seriously ;-)) and then get on to
alternate journey to be a great human being etc. It is important to realize what is your goal and
accept that IIT and IIM can be one of many ways to get there.



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