Monday, July 19, 2010

Do MBA programs help students to develop skills which are highly valued by many employers.

Before you take that step into the unknown which will determine the course of your life, pause to weigh your options.
Here are some surprising facts which should set you thinking…
1. Did you know that in the Forbes list of Best Business Schools 2009 as well as in Financial Times Global Ranking of Best Business Schools 2009, none of the above colleges figure in the lists, except ISB (Hyderabad), which shows up in the 15th spot in the FT survey and not in the Best 20 in the Forbes list?
2. In Financial Times’s Global Ranking of the Best Business Schools in 2009, none of the Indian
Business Schools (excepting ISB) show up in the Top 100!
3. In the Forbes 2009 List of Top 20 Business Schools for 2009, there is not a single Indian business school. [ Special Report 08.05.09]
4. The average salary for an MBA from the top universities is in the range of US$200,000/- to
US$150,000/-. Is this what an MBA graduate from India earns?
5. The average resident tuition & fees in Oxford University, London, for example, is US$60000/-.
This is less than one year’s salary!
6. The facilities offered in Business schools around the world are world class and offer students an excellent atmosphere to emerge as global managers, skills which are crucial to handle C-level positions, because today all large organizations are multinational!
The programs in the best Business Schools are well structured with best-in-class faculty to ensure that students from these colleges emerge as icons or representatives of the colleges.


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