Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How do I know that I made the right choice?

Simple! Does the program you have selected cover the subjects you are interested in studying? For example you may want an MBA from a certain university and your preferred subject is Marketing Communication. The preferred university may offer MBA but not in Marketing Communication. Obviously, this university is a wrong choice.

The second criteria would be the faculty. By visiting a public website, it is possible to get some
information about the faculty. It is important to know and understand the faculty’s background,
qualification as well as popularity quotient. Since a student will be spending a few years of his or her life in a campus, it is important that the student `likes and admires’ the faculty as they will be providing complete support – not just academically but also as a support system for any issues/complaints etc.

Location is of importance simply because the students life will be in this geographic location for the next few years. If the climatic conditions are not suitable then it would make the student’s life very difficult.

The ethnicity mix of the student community is another important consideration factor. The more multi cultural the community the more exposure the student gets in terms of a global learning environment.

The University’s ranking and reputation is very important. This can be checked in Forbes and similar sites.

The facilities which the university is offering is also very important! State of the art facilities will make the whole learning experience enjoyable.

If you are looking at a university program from the research perspective then it is important to check out the resource facilities that the university offers in terms of faculty, libraries etc.

State Regulations & Residency Requirements: If you are looking at graduate programs at state universities, you need to examine admission requirements and costs for in-state residents versus all other applicants. If you have your heart set on a specific state university and you do not currently live in that state, you might consider relocating to that state and establishing residency there before applying to the
graduate program.

Surrounding Community: You're going to have to live there for a number of years, so you better be able to at least tolerate the surrounding areas. What are you looking for -- an urban, rural, or suburban setting; do you want to live in a large city or small town?



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