Friday, July 2, 2010

Education Loan Approval before Admission for students going abroad for higher education,Yes its possible....with


Banks understand loans, but Credila understands students and their needs!

Students face many challenges while securing student loans. Some of the issues faced by students include:

•Flexibility in terms of the loans which need to be customized to the requirements of the students and their respective courses

•Ability to find the required margin money (portion of the fees that is to be paid by students/parents which is not covered by the loan)

•Required loan amount is more than the value of the collateral security

•Ability to prove that the University, College and the applied Course is appropriate. (This can be quite challenging if the decision maker is not aware of the thousands of valid and accredited educational choices available in today’s fast changing world of education)

•Ability to get the loan approval letter in time to meet the admission and
visa related deadlines

•Ability to get appropriate customer service during the repayment cycle

•Ability to repay the loan from overseas

•Ability to get web-based access to the loan account with web enabled transaction processing inclusive of electronic payments, etc.
Credila is a specialized lender for student loans. Credila has invested time and resources to set up appropriate systems, processes and know-how related to the education industry. Credila has numerous databases on education sector. Credila's credit scoring model for the approvals of loans is designed specifically for student loans.

Credila, therefore, understands problems, challenges and issues faced by the students and their parents. Credila's objective is to work closely with students and parents to try to identify the appropriate education loan programs for them.

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